iTrader Connect is a system integrator specializing in trading voice solutions and private wire networks for the financial markets.

Our primary focus is implementing technology that helps clients improve their productivity and efficiency by implementing industry-leading technology.


We offer fully managed end-to-end Voice Trading System solutions using the latest technology, allowing Broker houses and Banks to communicate with their trading partners with a variety of options for communication, including physical, virtual, and analog devices. Our solutions provide flexibility, speed, security, and efficiency to help businesses in the trading industry stay connected and productive in hybrid work environments. By using our services, businesses can leverage the power of high-end technologies and focus on what matters most to their operations.

Trader Voice Solution

While electronic trading platforms and digital communication methods have gained prominence, voice trading systems continue to be an essential component of the financial market infrastructure. The trading turrets system offers a unique set of capabilities, facilitating efficient and effective communication, enabling the handling of complex transactions.

Private Wires

Private wires offer a reliable means of communication in the financial market. They provide a dedicated and exclusive connection between parties involved in financial transactions, minimizing the risk of network congestion and interference from external parties.

Voice Recorder

Maintaining accurate trading records is often a legal requirement in regulated financial markets. Traders may be obligated to provide detailed records of their trades to regulatory authorities for compliance purposes or to undergo audits. A well-maintained trading recorder ensures that traders can meet these obligations efficiently and without legal issues.

Enterprise Intercom Solution

In a fast-paced working environment, quick and reliable communication is crucial. Enterprise Intercom Solution allows users to communicate instantly, facilitating rapid decision-making, trade execution, and collaboration. It offers high-quality voice transmission and low latency to ensure clear and efficient communication for smooth operations, safety, and coordination.

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